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Light on, light off!
Participatory exhibition for children from the age of 4
12. October 2019 – 19. April 2020


Without light everything would be dark. The earth is cold and uninhabitable. Without light, there would be no life as we know it; no photosynthesis, no plants and no oxygen. Only the rays of light that fall into our eyes let us see. Light is not tangible, but makes you feel good. It makes us day and night and thus our daily routine. Light is energy and man makes use of it. It creates artificial light and even communicates with it.

But what exactly is light? Where do we meet the light everywhere? What do colors have to do with light and how can you move things with light? And why are shadows sometimes scary? Light on! Let’s go on a journey of discovery into the fascinating world of light. The new hands-on exhibition will turn visitors into researchers of light. More than 30 objects and light installations invite you to take a closer look, to try different light sources, to change them and to design them. Who can decode the light signal from the lighthouse and catch the fish in the water? How do you split light into bright colors and why is the banana yellow and not red?

The young visitors play with light reflections and draw red light nets on the laser table. You will also learn how humans use the energy of light and what makes nature shine. The children create eerie shadows and disappear, they look at the light in the night and with it also light pollution and with the help of light vehicles can be moved. With different lighting effects fantastic worlds are created in the Lichtspielraum and the Schwarzlicht workshop. Whether shadows freeze, iridescent patterns in the giant kaleidoscope and in the pinhole camera to see the world upside down: the game with the light offers endless possibilities. And the blue in the light room, then acts as a refreshing shower.

The exhibition is a production of the Children ‘s Museum Munich, supplemented by hands – on workshops by Akki – Aktion und Kultur mit Kindern e. V. Düsseldorf

Ohne Licht wäre alles dunkel.
Ohne Licht wäre alles dunkel.
Ohne Licht wäre alles dunkel.
Ohne Licht wäre alles dunkel.

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